Which Axis mutual fund should I invest in? A one-stop guide to all these queries
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Which Axis mutual fund should I invest in? A one-stop guide to all these queries

Axis mutual funds have been witnessing remarkable growth nowadays. The company aims to provide state-of-the-art monetary and investment solutions, making it one of the most trusted mutual funds’ houses.

The credit for the rapid progress of the company goes to it’s three essential principles that are- long term relationship, long term capital appreciation, and customer view.

The company has always given priority to goal-oriented investment over casual and unplanned investments of funds.

Various Axis mutual funds schemes and their features

It is very important for an investor to make the right decision about what type of mutual fund should he/she go for. You can choose a suitable Axis mutual fund from a wide range of fund schemes that the company offers. Some of them are: –

  • Axis Equity Funds

This scheme can successfully fulfill an investor’s long-term goals like retirement planning, income generation, etc. Also, there is a moderately high risk of investment. The various kinds of schemes under Axis Equity funds are: –

1. Axis Focus 25 Fund-

Under this scheme, the investor is investing in a targeted portfolio of equity shares of a maximum of 25 companies. The appointed manager selects companies that have a powerful business strategy to deal with short-term market instability.

2. Axis Bluechip fund-

This scheme aims to invest in a wide-variety portfolio of equity shares of big-cap companies. The fund manager will select only those companies which are marketed very frequently and are less unstable.

3. Axis midcap fund –

The investor invests in equity shares of mid-cap firms that have consistent growth capacity and high cash flows. This scheme is well-suited for individuals who want to accomplish long term capital appreciation as well as diversity in portfolio

4. Axis Long term equity fund –

This scheme has a maturity period of 3 years which allows the fund manager to opt for many wise alternatives and go through the interim instability. The scheme is convenient for those who want to avail the benefit of tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

  • Axis Debt Funds

The scheme has been designed to meet the monetary goals like liquidity and regular income. The investment risk for this scheme varies from moderate to moderately low.

1. Axis Credit Risk funds-

This type of fund is suitable for investors who wish to receive regular earnings by grabbing the opportunities in the yield curve extending over the short term.

2. Axis Dynamic Bond Fund-

Investors who want to gain regular returns without opting for any major risk over the long period and at the same time wish to retain a liquid portfolio can go for this scheme.

  • Axis Hybrid Funds

The schemes are planned to accomplish the financial objectives of the investors such as constant income and wealth establishment. Different types of Axis hybrid funds are: –

1. Axis Arbitrage Funds- The scheme offers regular earnings by leveraging the cost differences between cash and forthcoming markets. Investors who wish to get the cash-future distribution in the equity market without being vulnerable to directive risk can opt for this scheme.

2. Axis Equity Saver Fund- This scheme promises regular income by investing in equity and equity-associated tools, arbitrage possibilities and much more. It is an ideal option for investors who aim for stable access to portfolio management.

Thus, Axis mutual funds offer a whole range of investment solutions, covering people across risk profiles for the various financial objectives-long term, short term, tax-saving, retirement and so on.