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A Look Into The Types Of Motorcycles

A Look Into The Types Of Motorcycles

The following are the types of motorcycles:

  1. The standard type- an all-purpose motorcycle
  2. The cruiser (also known as a chopper) – for cruising
  3. Sport bike – races and hobbies
  4. Touring type of motorcycle – touring
  5. Sport touring type of motorcycle – are a solid mix between the Sport and the Touring.
  6. Dual Sport (Dual Purpose/Adventure Sport) – meant to go anywhere and do anything.

Whichever motorcycle you own, or consider buying, the Harley Davidson is still the number one cruising bike.

About Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson chopper was firstly launched in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is one of the two most famous brands of motorcycles which survived the Great depression. The Harley Davidson became a ‘role model’ for other styles of choppers. At first it was a heavy motorcycle which over the years changed a bit based on the needs of customers. The brand is out there since 118 years and this speaks for itself. Over the years, many entered the business of tuning choppers (cruisers), and there are many different amazingly tuned Harleys out there. The classic Harley-Davidson engines are V-twin engines, with a 45° angle between the cylinders. The modern Harley-branded motorcycles fall into one of seven model families:

  1. Touring,
  2. Softail,
  3. Dyna,
  4. Sportster,
  5. Vrod,
  6. Street and
  7. Live Wire

These model families are distinguished by the frame, engine, suspension, and other attributes.

Harley Davidson and the environment

Harley-Davidson produced an environmental warranty. This ensures each owner that the vehicle is designed and built free of any defects in materials and workmanship that would cause the vehicle to not meet EPA standards.

Harley Davidson OEM parts

Firstly, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These are motorcycle parts and accessories made by the original motorcycle manufacturer, in this case Harley Davidson. You may be in need for some parts and there are websites and shops out there offering Harley-Davidson OEM parts which is an advantage. This way one can maintain the chopper and be safe on the road. Buying OEM parts is an advantage because one definitely gets a warranty and does not have to worry about whether a part will fit properly. Also, using original parts is the key to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. Those are only some reasons why buying Harley Davidson OEM parts is better than buying aftermarket parts. When it comes to a Harley Davidson, it is always better to buy Harley Davidson OEM parts than to ruin the motorcycle with cheaper aftermarket parts.