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Who says broadband plans are expensive?

Experience the power of Airtel broadband plans – cost-effective, varied and multi-faceted, they are just the plans you need for your home.

It is imperative to have a broadband connection at home or in the office. Almost every family member or work colleague uses at least two digitally-powered devices (mobile phone and laptop/tab) and an uninterrupted Internet connection is a must for both.

However, if you have never bought a broadband plan, you might be a little confused about which service provider to go with, which plan to choose, whether a monthly plan is cheaper than a longer duration plan, and so on. There are umpteen choices in broadband plans and service providers as well.

This is what you must look for when choosing the right broadband plan:

  • Superfast data transfer speeds
  • Zero to negligible network outages
  • Reasonably priced monthly plans
  • Excellent customer service

If you ask us, you get all the above factors and much more only with Airtel broadband plans. Your home or office network operates super smoothly with an Airtel broadband connection, and you get additional benefits as well!

Check out Airtel’s plans in broadband

* 1 month plans: Airtel has 5 variants in its 1 month broadband plans, priced at Rs 799 (40 Mbps speed), Rs 999, Rs 1,299, Rs 1,999 (all carrying up to 100 Mbps speeds) and Rs 2,199 (up to 300 Mbps speeds. These plans offer data in the range of 100 GB to 1,200 GB per month (the Rs 1,999 plan has unlimited data).

* 6 months plans: Airtel broadband plans for 6 months are all discounted at 15%, and they comprise the following: Rs 678 monthly rental (up to 40 Mbps speed), Rs 848, Rs 1,103 and Rs 1,698 (up to 100 Mbps speeds) and Rs 1,868 (up to 300 Mbps speed). There are other features like monthly data rollover and free one-year Amazon Prime subscription (not applicable on the Rs 678 monthly rental plan). All have unlimited STD and local calling feature.

* 12 months plans: Once again, there are 5 Airtel broadband plans under the yearly plan category. You get savings up to 20% on opting for these broadband plans. They comprise: Rs 639 monthly rental (up to 40 Mbps speeds), Rs 799, Rs 1,039 and Rs 1,599 (up to 100 Mbps speeds on each) and Rs 1,759 (up to 300 Mbps speed). All have unlimited local and STD calling, with data ranging from 100 GB to 1,200 GB per month. Plus, you get free one-year Amazon Prime subscription and data rollover (not applicable on the Rs 639 monthly rental plan). Book your preferred Airtel broadband plan over the Airtel website or the myAirtel smartphone app today.

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