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The Exercises for Positive Thinking

Are you fed up with a continuous barrage of bad news from media outlets? It seems that wherever you turn today there is nothing but negative news. The main news seems to only focus on all the bad things that happen, and completely ignore positive information. The front page is filled with stories of job losses, housing market destruction, credit crises, and world recession. Some media experts even talk about the potential for depression. Just hearing about all this, if you let it, can make you stressed, worried, or depressed.

I personally refuse to focus on all the negative news out there, especially for events that I cannot control. What can we do about it? I will share with you my own personal response and some tips from a mentor. For more details, read more here.

I used to start my day by reading a newspaper. No longer. I stopped reading this week’s paper. Right. Instead, I spent that time reading books that would empower me to learn new skills and make my mindset stronger. This is my personal stimulus plan to make this a fantastic year.

I also want to convey some positive thinking exercises from one of the mentors. He suggested listening to The Secret audiobook. Better still, don’t just listen to it once, listen to it three times. When done, start the thank you journal and watch how that thought changes your life.

Next, consider doing 365 lessons in A Course in Miracles (ACIM). You will basically learn that all things about this economy are meaningless because they only have the meaning that you give. Skip the first 100 lessons and watch your life change dramatically.

Third, consider doing forty exercises in the Abundance Book. Do the exercise several times. To summarize, do at least 100 exercises at ACIM, complete the Thank You Journal full, and do 40 exercises in the Abundance Book at least three times. Assuming that it really changes your thinking, I can guarantee that your life will increase dramatically.

Now there is some good news to end. More millionaires were created per capita at The Great Depression than at any other time in history. You haven’t heard much about it in the media because bad news is being sold and media companies have been experiencing industrial depression since 2000. Don’t let them depress you too. There is good news out there and there are things you can do to avoid negativity. Take control of your mind and life.

Of course, there may be costs to get up in defense: time, money, energy, and the possibility that we can lose the battle. Some people even say that defending yourself is playing with the illusion that we are really attacked and that we can never find salvation here. I recently discovered the A Course of Miracles again. ACIM books are spiritual texts that have an extraordinary way to reverse almost all of our beliefs to experience a radical change in our sense of peace.

Lesson # 153 from ACIM is: “In my helplessness, my salvation lies.” Some of the text of this lesson includes the following: “You who feel threatened by this ever-changing world, the bends of his wealth and his bitter ridicule, his brief relationship and all the” gifts “he only wants to take back; attend this lesson well. The world does not provide security He is rooted in an attack, and all of his “gifts” that appear safe are illusory tricks. He attacks and then attacks again. There is no peace of mind that is possible where danger threatens thus.

“The world raises but for defense. Because threats bring anger, anger makes attacks seem reasonable, honestly provoked, and true in the name of self-defense. But defense is a double threat. Because it proves weakness and forms a defense system that cannot work Now, the weak are still further damaged, because there is betrayal without and there is still greater betrayal in. The mind is now confused and does not know where to turn to find a way out of his imagination.

“It is as if a circle is held firmly, where another circle ties it and one in it until escape is no longer expected or acquired. Attack, defense; defense, attack, is a circle from the hours of the day that binds the mind with thick steel ties with overlaid iron, back but to start again. Looks like there is no break or ends in an increasingly tight grip on imprisonment. “

Of course, we can see this in the cycle of violence in the world, between individuals and countries. And we also see in Buddhist philosophy the idea of suffering is rooted in an attachment to things in life which are, in essence, impermanent. We crave and suffer and we have hatred and suffering. We try to maintain what we want so that it will not be taken away or we reject what happened, hoping it doesn’t happen.

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