Movie Going with the Family on a Discount

Today a night out at the movie theater will cost a family of four about $100. Each adult movie ticket will cost $13.75 and kids will cost $11.75 on average. Then the cost of refreshments and popcorn let alone candy will bring the total over $100. Clearly, one must take out a small loan or not pay a bill to be able to afford entertainment for their family.

Needless to say, with online video options and sites to choose from, the movie theater is suffering. In fact, hitting an all-time low last year. The lowest in 25 years according to Attendance and ticket purchases have declined drastically since 1992. Due mostly to cost and online platforms becoming more and more available to the general public. Video stores back in the day were responsible for the early decline of ticket sales.

This general decline has not affected recent new movie going because many online (again with the online platforms) coupons are readily available. Discounts and coupon sites are finding the least expensive ticket price and/or offering deep discounts on ticket purchases. Even the theaters themselves offer a pre-sale discount and promo codes.
Major competitors are vying for sales by using deep discounts and membership options for their domestic sales. Groupon is one site that searches the discounts for you and if you sign up for emails, they will alert you when they have a good deal somewhere. You chose what your interests are, and they will find coupons and discounts when they are available. You can also search the site and find directly what you are interested in. Like a new movie coming out you want to see, dining out, or outdoor activities. says:

1. Check out matinees
2. Check for movie theater coupons
3. Ask for discounts
4. Cut costs by eating first and using cash back dining
5. Check warehouse stores for discounts.

Using these promo codes to pre-order or buy the tickets is a new trend and seems to be well accepted by the families that want to entertain their kids. It also speeds up standing in line waiting to purchase tickets when they finally go on sale at the door. Sometimes a discount is offered for purchasing your ticket before opening night. Trying to buy all the stuff at regular price is ridiculous and expensive. Using the discounts provides entertainment and we all know that is what families need to reward themselves for hard work and day to day humdrum attitudes. Having some help with taking the burden off of fun is appreciated by most modern families.

In conclusion, being able to quickly spur of the moment find a discount to surprise your family with a night out at the movies is convenient and special. Making memories by attending movies and having something to discuss at the water cooler the next day is also a plus and makes us feel like we are part of society. Keeping up with current events by attending a movie is rewarding and being able to do so without a loan is awesome.