5 Useful Tips to Choose a Gold Bracelet for Men

Though the term ‘jewellery’ is mostly associated with the fairer sex, there are a few items that can seriously amp up men’s’ personal sense of style. The only condition is that they should wear it right or else it will make them look clumsy and messy. Gold bracelets are one such piece of jewellery that looks elegant on men. However, care needs to be taken to choose it properly. Here are a few useful tips for choosing it.

Choose a Bracelet That Complements

When choosing a bracelet for men, go for one that complements the outfit without overpowering it. Avoid buying charms or pendants. Instead, go for a plain gold bangle-type bracelet. This adds a simple touch and provides just enough oomph factor to normal outfit.

Check for Hallmark Stamp

Buying gold is expensive and there are chances of getting duped if you are not aware of hallmark stamp. It is an official mark or stamp that indicates a standard of purity of gold. It certifies that the piece of jewellery you are thinking of buying conforms to a certain set of standards that are laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards. If this stamp says “.750”, it means the bracelet you are buying has 75% pure gold. This stamp gives you peace of mind that you are actually paying for the amount of gold that is present in the bracelet.

Go with Your Budget in Mind

Gold doesn’t come cheap and bracelets are available in a wide range. You should be clear on your budget and give the salesperson a rough idea of it so that he or she can show you options in the same range. You will definitely not like to go out of budget falling prey to the skills of the salesperson and then repenting later.

Don’t Go for Dangling Bracelets

Considering that most men will be wearing gold bracelets to office and meetings as well, it shouldn’t be too loud and overpowering. If you buy a bedazzled form, it will look distracting, ostentatious and extremely unprofessional. So, buy something that is sophisticated and makes a style statement subtly. A simple and elegant bracelet can be easily worn both with formal and casual outfits and doesn’t look out of the place.

Keep the Taste and Personality in Mind

No one would buy gold bracelets for an unknown people. The person will definitely be close to you and you will have a fair idea of his taste and personality. Buy a bracelet keeping all that in mind. Don’t just go and buy anything that a salesperson suggests. You need to align your pick with the preference of the person wearing it and not with that of the salesperson.

If you keep the above-discussed tips in mind, you will not only save yourself from getting duped but will also end up buying an elegant bracelet. The hallmark stamp will make sure that you buy the right quality of gold and are actually paying for the amount of gold present in it. Keeping the personality of the person who is going to wear it in mind will ensure that it complements him further.