The best strategy to play blackjack?

Blackjack is a thrilling game which is based purely on your luck. But there are some strategies which can enhance your gaming experience and also increases your chances of winning this game. Given below are such strategies to play blackjack.

  • Refreshing the basic strategies: Begin by reviewing the essentials of the game. You might know the rules of the game but until you master this game, make sure that you refresh the basic strategies of blackjack every time before playing. Not only does it help you brush up the rules, but it also helps register these rules in your mind faster; increasing your chances of the win. The basic strategies such as how to go about the game wisely when you have a hard or a soft hand and when you can split are all turning point of the game. If you stick by these strategies, there are high chances of you winning a lot of money.
  • Reading the limit sign: As obvious as it is, make sure that you are on a standard blackjack game. Make sure that you understand any special table rules if there are any. Read the table limits for the maximum and minimum you can wager in each hand. Many players sit at a table without knowing the limit. Know which cards you can split, how many times you can do it, and which two cards you can double down. Learn if you have any options like surrender and when it can be done.
  • Dealing with the dealer: A dealer plays a crucial role in your gaming experience. Therefore, you need to strengthen your relationship with the dealer. Make sure that you tip the dealer sometimes. It is essential to understand that dealers don’t control the cards. Therefore, it is pointless to blame them for your losses or take out the frustration on them. But since a dealer can enhance or ruin your gaming experience, do not sit at a dealer’s table who isn’t nice to you.
  • Protecting your chips: Learning how to play smart is crucial in blackjack. Safeguarding your chips and knowing when to quit are two ways how you can play smart. Surrender only when you have a 15 against a 10 or when it is 16 against a 9, 10 or an ace. Take insurance if you are playing with many people and don’t see any 10s on the layout. This is real money and hence, do take out the frustration out on your bankroll. Put only a quarter of the amount you are willing to risk on the table. Know your limits and quit when you reach the pre-set win level. Do not wager more than what you are losing in the hope of getting your money back.

Casinos offer free drinks and other items to their customers. Customers overuse these advantages which ultimately cloud their gaming judgment. Do not fall trap to such things and if the environment is tempting you, play blackjack online. These are some of the strategies you must employ while playing blackjack to keep the fun intact and increase your chances of winning more.