Six Simple Tips for Smooth Travel With a Disability

Travelling is the making more adventures in today’s life. Every human wants to travel to make adventures in their life. Working professionals will wait for their holidays and plan a tour to different places. People with disability are also aware for the travelling. They also wants to explore new places to travel. Travelling changes the mind of the disable person as they also need a change in their life. Now travelling is very easy and accessible to anyone. Earlier it was very difficult to travel and the people had limited knowledge and limit conveyance. Now no place in world is beyond the limits. Disable person also do hassle free travelling. Disability is not a curse. It makes the life littlebit difficult but can’t stop anyone to do what they wants to do. Smooth travelling is very important for the disability person. Only they must follow some tips to make their travel smooth. Now we are discussing some tips to make their travel smooth.

Find a Good Travel Agent: Travel agents are very important for the travelling. Travel agents are the specializes person to make travel arrangements. They will book your tickets, hotels, tours. They can manage all as per your needs. They will verify the hotels, restaurants to make your travelling smooth and comfortable. Some travel agents do not charges and professional fee for make arrangements. They just get their commissions from the hotels, airlines and from restaurants. You also ask the travel agents about the hotels, airlines who are provide assistance to the disable persons. Its your right to get all type of support in your travel.

Take the Guide: Now there are many travel guides available in the world for disable person. These guide makes your trip very comfortable and enjoyble as they know the places which you can easily access. Most of the guide will help you to by arranging the wheel chairs, cabs for your comfort. Some of the guides also understand the sign language in case you are “deaf:. Or hearing impared. They will also take you to the good restaurants where you will get the good food of your choice. Guides has the good knowledge of the sights and hotels of the cities or place where they are working. You must take the guide to make your travel hassle free.

Airlines Support: Book your tickets some days prior from your trip. Before the trip you can ask the airlines for support. They may arrange a designated employee for you at airport. Who will waiting for at airport with the wheelchair, if you need it. Or help you through out the security checks and boarding the flight. Airlines will not charge for this help but it depends on the airlines policies and guidelines. Please talk to your airlines before booking the ticket whether they provide the support or not to make your travel easy and comfortable. You must avoid the connecting flights as it only gives you the stress. But if you are travel to long distance then need to take shorter flights in which you get the time to rest. You can also ask for the assistance after landing the flight. Now airlines are more responsible for disable persons.

Consult Your Doctor: You have to consult with your doctor regarding your trip. Doctor will help you to identify the medical needs during the trip. Doctors will also advice you whether you can travel in hill stations, safaris or other devotional places. If you have the insurance coverage but they do not provide you the medical coverage during the travel then you can take the other coverage for the travel. You must keep your recommendation letter from your doctor to travel which contains all information regarding your health. You must carry your medicines with you for the entire trip. It may be chances that you will not get the prescribed medicines during the trip.

Hotel Booking: You have to do research for good hotel which is easily accessible and must be in big city or near by the big sights. Your early research makes your trip easy and comfortable as you will get the good guide or transport facility from the hotels easily which are in big cities or near by the big sights. You can search for the hotels online as several websites are available to give you the good idea regarding the booking of the hotels in cheap prices. You may also ask with hotel staff before booking about the assistance they will provide you. Some hotels also provide assistance to disable persons. Some hotels are also giving you discounts on booking to encourge the disable persons to travel, this is a good initiative by the hotels. You must plan your trip to your favourite places once in a year to make yourself more comfortable and full of energy.

Reverify The Arrangements: You must reverify all your arrangements. You must talk to your travel agents, airlines, hotels, guide to be double sure. This is very important part of your travelling to double check all the details, must check your luggage again, keep your medicines, prescription, letter of remmondation from your doctor so you will not face any problem during your travel. You may also recheck your insurance papers so in need you do not have any financial problem in overseas. Well planned travelling will feel you relaxed, and you will have fun, from your travel. By doing these steps again makes your travel hassle free and you will enjoy your travel.

Travelling is now accessible to everyone. Hotels, airlines are also giving supports to disable persons as they understand the problems faced by the disable person. Now the disability can’t stop you to travel. You can go to your favourite places as travelling keeps you fit, fresh and energetic. Its makes a change in your daily life. But you have to make all your arrangements in advance and keep connected with your doctor, hotel, travel agent, guide so you will not face any difficutly in your travelling. You must keep the important phone numbers of your doctors, relatives, friends so you can ask for the help in emergency.