Practices to Refrain While Vacationing in Dubai

The most attractive Emirati, 7th most visited city of the world, the land which enroots the world’s tallest human-made building, i.e. Burj Khalifa and has an enumerable collection of anthropogenic(human-made) islands, yes we are talking about Dubai. The flashing of series of your vacation pictures in your mind, might not be the exact images you will click during your travel. For those who have been there earlier, you know it all (not quite sure), but for all the first-timers, here’s a manual for ‘How to not get tied by handcuffs while vacationing in Dubai?’ Before you book cheap air tickets from Chennai to Dubai and fly away, you must have a look at these!

  1. Hold Up, Before Holding That Fermented Drink

Almost everywhere drinking and driving is illegal, but the Emirati city of Dubai caters to you something more – it prohibits public drunkenness as well. If you think you can walk up to a liquor shop and satiate your booze, then hold up, my friend. Only residents of Dubai who own a liquor license can buy liquor from the licensed outlets. There is a green signal to drinking in bars and hotels. Nobody will come to bother you, enjoying your drink in your hotel room, with all the legal approvals.

  1. Are You Buttoned Up?

Because unbuttoning could get you into immense trouble. Trailing through the mesmerising human-made islands and exploring the beaches is fun, but make sure you do not don that swimwear anywhere except those beaches and pools in your hotel. There is a strict no, to topless sunbathing. Put on clothes that cover your body, as any peek-a-booing from your body parts is counted indecent, be it, men or women. Women must wear full clothes in public places like malls, restaurants, movie halls etc.

Be cautious before cross-dressing, a lot of tourists (men) have been arrested for inappropriate outfits.

  1. Choose Your Partner Wisely

Cohabiting is illegal. On this trip, your company matters a lot(huh!?), by the company I mean, who is accompanying you. According to the law, unless you are man and wife, you cannot have sex or even share a bed. Pretty obvious, they will not inquire about your relationship status during the check-in, but there have been arrests and deportations if any discrepancy is found. Homosexual acts and prostitution are illegal and subject to severe punishment.

  1. Stay Away From PDA!

Roaming around, holding hands of your beloved publically is not acceptable. Public displays of affection (which I am assuming you are well aware of) is considered indecent and illegal too. Make sure you do not cross the line on the streets of Dubai. I know this is a problem with westerners, as they have liberal rules regarding PDA in their countries.

  1. Puff, Puff, Pass

Getting high pulls you quite low in the eyes of the law and order in Dubai. Snorting it, injecting it or smoking it off, dare not even dream of this in the premises of the city. Your weeds will be plucked out of the crop if spotted. As far as smoking is concerned, the legal age for smoking in UAE is 18. It is not like you can light your cigar any place you find comfort in. There are designated places for smoking because it is forbidden in government buildings, offices and shopping malls. These laws do give your lungs some relief, so enjoy that. Let some oxygen enter the alveoli’s and cleanse you up.

Be very clear about your medication, while travelling here, even prescription drugs and painkillers can land tourists in trouble.

  1. Public In-Convenience

This segment will not just be about toilets, rather much more. If you are thinking of opening up a chips packet and pair it with coke, then stop right there. Just to keep the city cleaner, eating and drinking in public is forbidden. Hotels bend the rules for tourists though. I guess a concept like street food, does not exist in Dubai.

Shaking that booty, while traversing the sky-high buildings, is not a great combo, I suggest. Public dancing is forbidden as it is termed indecent.

‘Road rage’ has a different definition here. Spitting, offensive hand gestures and demonstrating aggressive behaviour are all punishable crimes. So, hold back that popping finger of yours and cool that head down.

Let the camera on your phone take rest and save up some battery in there, as clicking pictures of government buildings, military installations, airports and of humans too is not allowed. By humans I mean majorly women, capturing any woman’s image on your phone without her consent can land you into humongous trouble. Unless and until you are clicking a large view and a lot of people out there, let your camera be in your pocket.

Coming up next is the most important thing concerning your visit to Dubai. Being a Muslim majoritarian country, Ramadan is celebrated with pomp and show. Visiting Dubai, during Ramadan is the most heart-warming experience. You will witness a different Dubai out there. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims practice a month-long fast, in which they eat and drink before sunrise and after sunset. People (tourists) are restricted from eating, drinking and smoking during this month, to respect the fellow residents of the city. The aura that the city carries all along this month is pious and calm. Just to maintain the righteous nature of the festival and to respect the sentiments of someone’s beliefs, these rules are imposed.

Strolling through the article, you might have invited some sorts of disappointment in you, but this is all for your good. If you are well aware of the facts and figures, rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts, it is your win only. We must cooperate with the people we are visiting as they allow us to put feet on their land. I request you all to keep these things in mind during your stay in Dubai.