Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and an Unforgettable Night

Not everyone had the chance to view the yearly holy extravaganza in person. They can, however, take in everything through a video clip. They can see Pastor Chris‘ guidance in action. They can revel in a spiritual journey that essentially has no comparisons. The anticipated event commenced with a lovely tune that was a nod to the Lord. Its lyrics discussed praise. That song made a wonderful introduction to everything. It was a momentous evening as well. It was one that said goodbye to 2017 and all that it had to offer the world. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome emerged once the song was over. He instructed everyone in the audience to connect to the Lord. He repeated encouraging words such as “hallelujah” and “glory” over and over again. The people who made up the large crowd were elated to view Pastor Chris in person. They’re familiar with what he stands for and all of the things he portrays. The massive and bustling crowd had an energetic response to the mere sight of the pastor. They even needed some time to relax and sit back down. They were honestly that thrilled about being in the same room as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. They were also thrilled to take part in the dynamic and festive evening in general. It was in no way, shape or form an ordinary night for anyone there.

2017 was a terrific time for all human beings. That’s precisely what the hosts of the big event had to say to the crowd. The ministry thrived in a big way. The ministry relished substantial expansions on a monthly basis. It relished considerable accomplishments as well. It even reveled in continuous hard work. The people who make up the ministry all had an incredible and incomparable time in 2017. They purchased all “Rhapsody of Realities” copies and scattered them all over the planet. There were more than one billion copies of Rhapsody of Realities in total, incredibly enough. These copies were available in more than 900 distinctive tongues as well. People who speak and read seemingly countless different languages can take part in all of the Rhapsody of Realities joy. This accomplishment isn’t one that anyone can dismiss. It says a lot about the activities of the church. It says a lot about the stunning effect that Christ has on the human population, too. This is a piece of literature that’s essentially a device to communicate Christ’s wishes.

The people who were part of this evening event discussed the extraordinary power of Loveword. They were particularly enthusiastic about Loveword USA. Loveword basically took over the entire planet with God’s communications. It did so via the Internet, radio and even television.

People went into the notable strength the ministry brings to the table day in and day out. The ministry employs the Inner City Mission in order to help so many young children everywhere. Its members actually help millions of them all of the time. They help them look forward to all of the possibilities of tomorrow. They also assist them with the recovery process. The Healing School aims to make youngsters feel a sense of promise. It aims to give them comprehensive healing assistance that’s unrivaled. The ISM (International School of Ministry) offered extensive training assistance to a significant number of ministers.

The massive crowd had a blast on the evening of December 31st. It was without a doubt a night for everyone to remember for life. The people who were in the audience were mesmerized by every single sentence they heard. The event had an atmosphere that was warm and focused.