How to Go Blackout-Free During the NFL Games

Sports has been a huge part of the American culture. We used to think that basketball is the most popular sports in America but football is. As the next season of the NFL games opens this week, many citizens are going to swarm for an NFL Game Pass. But for this year, will it be a consecutive win for The Philadelphia Eagles? Or will a great contending team oust them from the top spot?

A U.S. Game Pass is not Enough

Many avid football fans will surely get their game pass for this NFL 2018 Season without a doubt. But for those who have been regularly using this service for every season, they are amenable that geo-restrictions and blackouts are a common thing.

If you’re planning on getting the U.S. version of the game pass, you might want to rethink before shelling money out. The domestic pas is highly-restrictive, for example: the preseason games can only be streamed with the NFL Game Pass if it’s not aired on local television, also, regular and postseason games will not be shown live.

Use a VPN to get the International ‘Season Plus’ Game Pass for full access

Getting the finest streaming is attainable by having a VPN along with your NFL International Season Plus Game Pass. VPNs usually have various servers that contribute to the stability of the connection and bypass geo-restrictions. By then, blackouts will have no place in your live streaming moments.

So, what should you look for in a VPN service before making any commitment? There are considerations to make and here are our top picks in terms of location, benefits, and pricing.


Server Locations



Price for Season Plus Game Pass (Subscription is until July 2019)  




Australia, Mexico, Philippines, and South Africa


●       No geo-restrictions.

●       Live games and on-demand access.

●       NFL films and archives access.

●       Access to 256 games with Playoffs and Super Bowl LIII included




●       Stable and reliable servers for a stable connection.

●       Best Value



Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan






●       Best Price

As for the quality of a VPN service for streaming the most-awaited NFL Season, there are best qualities to look for. There are a lot of free VPN services that you can come across with, but nothing beats the advantages of a quality paid service. ExpressVPN, a world-leading premium service is optimized for geo-unblocking content and fast streaming. We recommend it because it provides:

  • Super-fast speeds with unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to all 2000+ servers in 148 cities around the world
  • Highly reliable connection from robust servers
  • Internet security and privacy with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard and no-log policy

Don’t take our word for it, check the steaming speed using the speed test tool in the app. Try it for 30 days, and when you’re ready to commit, it’s only $6.67 per month with the exclusive deal coupons.

Here’s how to use ExpressVPN to stream NFL International Game Pass:

  1. Get the VPN
  2. Download the app on your chosen device
  3. Connect to a non-US server (like the ones mentioned above) for streaming all available games
  4. Visit and sign up for Season Plus for an all-game access
  5. Enjoy every NFL game wherever you are!

Want to stream NFL free without a game pass? If you’re in the U.S., head over to the U.S. app store to download NFL mobile or Yahoo Sports. These are licensed sources to stream the games smoothly and in high-definition. But, these apps only show live games, so don’t expect to be able to access replays or archives. Also, only the games televised in the local area will be available. To combat this, you can change your virtual location with a VPN to the state whose team you’d like to support.

Here’s how to stream the NFL free:

  1. Get the VPN (opt-out within 30 days)
  2. Connect to a U.S. server location of choice
  3. Download either the NFL Mobile or Yahoo Sports app from the U.S. app store
  4. Watch in-market games for free!

The Verdict

Blackouts and geo-restrictions can be overcome with the use of a VPN together with a subscription to the NFL International ‘Season Plus’ Game Pass, or the free NFL mobile/ Yahoo Sports app. Need help choosing and changing your server location? Visit ExpressVPN’s site and have a chat with one of our representatives. They’ll be happy to guide you on your needs regarding server accessibility and capacity any time of the day!

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